An inclusive workplace is a stronger workplace. Help your company flourish.

Diversity is Strength

Cameron Smith & Associates is dedicated to our clients’ best interests, and serving qualified candidates with excellent opportunities. With those goals in mind, CSA has taken the lead in recruiting qualified women and minority candidates for supplier-team positions with emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

In 2004 when Walmart announced a new diversity and inclusion initiative, they encouraged suppliers to follow their lead. Our clients asked us for support and participation in building diversity, and CSA stepped forward to help identify and recruit a broader spectrum of talent. We partner with clients to develop a strategy to attract and retain the best people from a variety of backgrounds, always with the intent to secure the best candidate for the opportunity.

Why This Approach?

In a global marketplace, a diverse team can better understand—and anticipate—the range of consumer perspectives and needs. At the local level, the best companies hire workers from a diverse background to create a strong, vibrant, inclusive workplace that nurtures creativity and fosters loyalty. Morale is boosted, retention improves—simply put, diversity is good business.

For many years, CSA has taken the lead on helping our clients attract and retain candidates from diverse backgrounds.