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Jim Mikula

(479) 452-0824

Jim joined Cameron Smith & Associates in 2000 and is the senior recruiter with CSA. Prior to recruiting, Jim worked in retail for 2 years and outside sales for 13 years.

Jim has built his success on trust. Companies trust him to recruit candidates who best fit their culture and not just close a deal. Candidates trust him because he looks out for what’s best for their career and isn’t just pushing a job on them.

A Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), Jim understands the laws that affect the industry and subscribes to a code of ethics. He also is a Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) and works with his clients to help retain their top talent. There are fewer than 100 people with the CERS designation in the United States.

Jim has been married to his wife Wendy for over 30 years and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, yard work, and has been teaching 3-year-olds in his church for 20 years.