Your true partner.
Forging ties to help you succeed.

True Partners.

CSA consistently ranks among the top recruitment firms in the consumer packaged goods industry. We believe this is due to our determination to forge a true partnership with our clients. We work to strategize together, and we act as an extension of your company. We are your PR department in the CPG market—we let every one of our candidates know why your company is a great place to work.

We know talent.

Our market knowledge and industry expertise are second to none. We are deeply integrated into the local supplier community in Bentonville/Rogers, and our footprints in other major retail hubs, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Seattle, Dallas, Nashville and Charlotte align with our national reach.

With our background and our CPG market expertise, CSA readily understands each candidate’s language and accomplishments. We seek to understand our client companies’ distinct challenges and culture, and match the right candidates.

Your needs are our priority.

Our quality team of experienced recruiters put the needs of our clients first. We aren’t just trying to fill a position. We want what’s best, long term, for our client companies.

Once we understand what you need, we can find the ideal hire for you. Let us partner with you to help bring your vision to light.