Amazon vs. Walmart – The Tide Has Turned

For the past 10 years, it’s been a foregone conclusion that Amazon would soon take over the retail world.  As proof, in 2017 published an article titled “Walmart Will Never Beat Amazon”. But, as with everything, nothing is so certain.  Just two years later, the author who published “Walmart will never beat Amazon” has…


Your Most Important Investment: YOU

Recently, I attended a networking event where we sat at tables based on our life stage. I moderated a list of questions to a group of ladies who had been in the workforce 15+ years. As the session was wrapping up, I decided to ask a final question: “What things are you doing to continue developing/investing…


Making a Difference: Treating Diversity as a Business Priority

The problem with unconscious biases is that they are unconscious. They’re tough to see, hard to talk about, and can take a long time to change. As Beth Pittman and I discussed at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Me2We Conference, pushing against them in the workplace can be encouragingly straightforward and a proven way to improve both…