Candidate Red Flags: Getting ahead of costly hiring decisions

Identifying candidate red flags before a costly hiring mistake is made can save companies resources needed for growth.  The first line of defense in the hiring process, where an experienced hiring manager can determine technical aptitudes and cultural compatibility, is the interview.  We all know how nerve-wracking an interview can be. A lot is riding…


2021 Hiring trends: A new year, a new approach for CPG

We predict 2021 hiring trends will be affected dramatically by 2020. Last year was one full of personal and professional challenges. It was a time of novel solutions to previously unheard-of problems. The CPG industry had to make adjustments, meet new challenges of a more digital age, and overcome new obstacles present in an increasingly…


Headhunters: Industry experts in real talent retention

Headhunters. Recruiters. Talent access professionals. All of these terms are familiar to corporate leadership and HR professionals alike.  Why are these talent and staffing experts used so frequently in virtually every industry, at nearly every level of employment, but especially at the executive level? Simply put, headhunters prevent the costly mistake of a bad hire.…


CPG Branding: Defining your company brand for 2021

CPG branding and service offerings have been affected by a variety of outside factors in 2020. Moving into 2021, CPG companies must look for a more diverse set of talented individuals to fill roles that will become necessary for expanded marketing capabilities, PR and service offerings. App driven data and delivery options CPG branding beyond…


CPG Recruitment: 4 ways to take your company from survival to prosperity

The value of experienced and knowledgeable CPG recruitment has never been more evident or relevant than in 2020. Industry trends are forcing CPG decision-makers to shift focus from the traditional sources of leadership and talent to meet the demands of these emerging paradigms. Omnichannel marketing and digitization have resulted in more comprehensive customer experiences. Customization…


How are you prioritizing your people?

In this very uncertain time, people are looking for leadership.  AND, people are looking at the leadership not just in their own company but also studying what other companies are doing to make a difference.  Times are changing and a new normal is going to be created. Employees are looking at their managers for direction,…


The #1 Rule of Resume Writing: Don’t Waste the Reader’s Time

Write a resume that clearly showcases your strengths and accomplishments, so your reader can quickly see the connection between your background and the company’s needs. Investing time upfront to present an organized, articulate resume that shows respect for your reader’s time is a great way to not only introduce yourself to your next employer but…



Although the last few years have seen important strides made in addressing the gender gap on corporate boards, a worrying trend in its wake is that many men in corporate America are getting tired of hearing about it.Even though countless studies have been published about the benefits of having a healthier variety of thought, experience…


Why Some People Get Hired – and Others Don’t

Hint: Preparation and good manners will take you a long way. Written by: Cameron Smith Ask a manager why someone was hired and you hear, “We love her energy!” Whether they call it confidence, enthusiasm or positive energy, managers know it when they see it. But, how do you convey energy and enthusiasm in the…


Amazon vs. Walmart – The Tide Has Turned

For the past 10 years, it’s been a foregone conclusion that Amazon would soon take over the retail world.  As proof, in 2017 published an article titled “Walmart Will Never Beat Amazon”. But, as with everything, nothing is so certain.  Just two years later, the author who published “Walmart will never beat Amazon” has…


Your Most Important Investment: YOU

Recently, I attended a networking event where we sat at tables based on our life stage. I moderated a list of questions to a group of ladies who had been in the workforce 15+ years. As the session was wrapping up, I decided to ask a final question: “What things are you doing to continue developing/investing…


Making a Difference: Treating Diversity as a Business Priority

The problem with unconscious biases is that they are unconscious. They’re tough to see, hard to talk about, and can take a long time to change. As Beth Pittman and I discussed at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Me2We Conference, pushing against them in the workplace can be encouragingly straightforward and a proven way to improve both…


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