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We are your CPG recruiters in Bentonville, AR.

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we work within hiring markets central to the growth, development, and evolution of the consumer packaged goods industry.

We maintain a close watch on this space and its major players, anticipating the needs of our clients and designing career paths that will guide top-performing talent and leadership to the organizations that need these in-demand professionals.

Our focus on consumer packaged goods allows us to truly understand the complexities of this industry and the companies that are its future. For almost 30 years, we have dedicated our firm to delivering talented professionals to CPG industry leaders across the country and throughout the world. Our CPG talent access professionals source the executive and C-suite candidates every competitive company needs to effectively and adaptively engage in this fast-paced and changing industry.

We are your CPG recruiters in Bentonville, AR.

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An old school approach
with modern methodology

Dedicated. Driven. Delivered.

We put ourselves in the geographical centers of CPG, staying close to our clients and observing first-hand how we can best serve them, identifying organizational weaknesses and helping build teams and leadership structures that mitigate and mend them.

Our CPG recruiters in Bentonville, AR, find and secure stand-out talent within all three major verticals—from grocery to pharmacy to mass retail—and in major consumer goods hubs across the country: from Bentonville, Arkansas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and anywhere in between.

Cameron Smith & Associates continues to meet the hiring needs of growing businesses and industry leaders, building those relationships and adding the connections businesses requires to locate, assess and place the curated professionals who fit your projected goals and immediate hiring needs.

Transparent. Personal.

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we understand that growing a business is a deeply personal venture. Our CPG recruiters in Bentonville, Arkansas, get to know who you are and, more importantly, where you want to be. Our collaborative approach takes your mission, values, and targeted goals into account when conducting every executive-level search. We are your resource, advocate, and partner, putting every piece of market knowledge and every connection we’ve made over the last three decades to effective and efficient use as we engage the best and brightest that the consumer packaged goods industry has to offer on your behalf.

As an established part of the CPG community, Cameron Smith & Associates is committed to helping you secure and expand your market share by acquiring truly impactful talent.