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Cameron Smith & Associates, is fully focused on the realm of consumer product goods. We serve the talent acquisition and management needs of this evolving industry and all of the associated verticals, building teams and securing leadership for CPG businesses of all sizes across the country and around the world. We connect clients and candidates, forming professional relationships that benefit both parties through a high-touch, deeply personal and customized hiring experience.

Working as long as we have within this space, dedicated to the development of a highly adaptive and agile consumer goods executive search process, we harness the power of a specialized worldwide network. CSA devotes the entirety of our recruiting resources to the discovery, vetting, acquisition and retention of qualified, culturally appropriate, top-performing talent. Our primary goal is to find those innovative and dependable professionals who will enhance your ability to grow according to your vision.

Serving the diverse needs of an often rapidly changing consumer packaged goods landscape is what our consumer goods executive search specialists have excelled at for over three decades, assimilating and incorporating a deep well of industry knowledge to strengthen our client partners through dynamic talent and leadership solutions. We help the businesses we service secure market share by building teams capable of overcoming uncertainty—capable of building upon the frequent challenges of the CPG and manifesting consistent success. The current and coming consumer climate is increasingly sophisticate, which is why you require a consumer goods executive search firm that matches you with the highly motivated and transformative professionals who will carry your business in to a productive and profitable future.

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Other consumer goods executive search firms may say they’re at the heart of CPG, but Cameron Smith & Associates lives and breathes this industry, working within those consumer-packaged goods hubs, gaining a greater understanding of the geographical areas, its companies and its professionals. This proximity and personal dedication allow us to gain a greater understanding of our client operations, identify issues and help them to build teams that effectively overcome these challenges.

Our consumer products executive recruiters find and secure stand-out talent across the United States within all three major verticals—from grocery to pharmacy to mass retail—and in major consumer goods hubs across the country from Bentonville, Arkansas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and anywhere in between. 

Over the past three decades, Cameron Smith & Associates has served the talent and leadership needs of CPG, attracting the very best in technical talent and leadership—those professionals who have successfully established themselves in this field—offering them a chance to learn, grow and enrich both their personal and professional lives.   

Transparent. Personal.

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we understand that growing a business is a deeply personal venture. As a preferred service provider among consumer goods executive search firms, CSA gets to know who you are and—more importantly—where you want to be. Our hands-on approach takes your mission, values, and targeted goals into account when conducting every executive-level search. We are your resource, advocate, and partner, putting every piece of market knowledge and every connection we’ve made over the last three decades to effective and efficient use as we engage the best and brightest that the consumer packaged goods industry has to offer on your behalf.

As an established part of the CPG community, Cameron Smith & Associates is committed to helping you secure and expand your market share through the acquisition of genuinely impactful talent.