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We are your CPG recruiters.

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we build the teams and secure the leadership essential to the expansion and development of the evolving consumer goods space.

Our consumer goods executive recruiters work closely with today’s fastest growing CPG companies, staying ahead of the challenges that affect the industry and securing the talented leadership professionals capable of meeting those obstacles head-on.

This industry is a complex professional arena and is changing every day to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated consumers. We take over three decades of dedicated CPG recruitment experience and a network built piece-by-piece, person-by-person and accurately meet the unique demands of our clients, placing highly capable executive-level candidates in the companies and cultures that can benefit most for their brand of leadership. Partnering with CSA grants you access to the talent people and leaders the future of consumer goods demands.

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Placing ourselves
in proximity to progress.

Dedicated. Driven. Delivered.

We put ourselves in the geographical centers of CPG, staying close to our clients and observing first-hand how we can best serve them. We identify organizational weaknesses and help build teams and leadership structures that mitigate and mend them.  

Our CPG recruiters find and secure stand-out talent across the United States within all three major verticals—from grocery to pharmacy to mass retail—and in major consumer goods hubs across the country: from Bentonville, Arkansas, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and anywhere in between.  

Over the past 30 years, Cameron Smith & Associates has served the talent and leadership needs of CPG, attracting the very best in technical talent and leadership—those professionals who have successfully established themselves in this field—people we offer a chance to learn, grow, and enrich both their personal and professional lives.

Transparent. Personal.

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we understand that growing a business is a deeply personal venture. Our consumer goods executive recruiters get to know who you are and—more importantly—where you want to be. Our collaborative approach considers your mission, values, and targeted goals when conducting every executive-level search. We are your resource, advocate, and partner, putting every piece of market knowledge and every connection we’ve made over the last three decades to effective and efficient use as we engage the best and brightest that the consumer packaged goods industry has to offer on your behalf.  

As an established part of the CPG community, Cameron Smith & Associates is committed to helping you secure and expand your market share through the acquisition of genuinely impactful talent.