Tips for recruiting Gen Z to your team

It’s no mystery that Gen Z is revolutionizing the workforce across industries. Age 24 and younger, educated Gen Z workers are natives when it comes to digital trends and technology use. Aside from their comfort with technology, Gen Z recruits have a myriad of workplace characteristics that can be a great addition to your team. This generation welcomes competition and consistent feedback, seeking continuous improvement in their workflow. Gen Z employees are also extremely hardworking and appreciate a balance between work and personal life.

With the oldest Gen Zers having graduated from college in 2020, it may be time to review your recruiting tactics to take advantage of the benefits the newest generation can add to your CPG team.

Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility

As the youngest generation in the workforce, Gen Z has flipped previous trends when it comes to choosing a job. According to BBMB, 47 percent of Gen Zers say brands and businesses should speak out “because it’s the right thing to do.” Corporate social responsibility is vital to hiring top talent within this generation.

Gen Z represents the leading edge of the country’s changing racial and ethnic makeup. With such a diverse generation, it’s no wonder diversity and inclusion matter dearly to this generation. If you’re looking to recruit talent from this generation, be prepared to reexamine your organization’s internal and external corporate social responsibility practices.


More than 96 percent of younger employees want more flexibility. Gen Z is looking for more than just money when it comes to salary and benefits. This generation values a balanced lifestyle. That’s not to say that Gen Zers don’t appreciate financial security, but they value flexibility more than previous generations.

While most Gen Zers still prefer to work from an office, hybrid models and remote work are becoming more attractive. Working from anywhere is an appealing option that can benefit all parties.

Career Development & Networking

Gen Z is a generation that appreciates mentorship opportunities and programs for growth. They expect employers to invest in them as they develop their professions. Whether it takes the form of 1:1 sessions, lunches or mentorship programs, Gen Z is likely to prioritize CPG employers that offer meaningful opportunities.

Consistent feedback is the easiest way to motivate Gen Z talent. Keeping this generation engaged with their work will help retain these young recruits.

Streamline Processes

No generation has quite demanded technology the way Gen Z has. As a generation that grew up with smartphones and technology at their disposal, it helps to have high-tech and updated recruiting methods to hire them. Remember, Gen Zers grew up with Netflix, YouTube and Spotify—they’re used to getting personalized content and information quickly and easily.

Being tech-friendly and communicating with Gen Z is necessary to connect. Consider fully optimizing your online presence to attract these young workers, like your website or social media. Make sure your desktops, laptops and programs are up to date. CPG employers should be ready to adopt technology at the speed of its external environment if they are seeking young recruits.

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