Promoting your company culture: Marketing through positivity

Developing and promoting a positive company culture are big steps towards meeting any organization’s long-term goals. 

Creating diverse and inclusive working environments, where contributors can feel and see that their work is valuable and appreciated, is essential to retaining the talented people who keep you competitive.

So, how do CPG companies attract and add innovative professionals to your teams, while retaining those effective leaders who are already part of your company culture?

People are greater than resources

A person is more than a resume and an employee is more than his or her job. Appreciating and acknowledging how difficult it can be to maintain a work-life balance are key to establishing a company culture in which professionals can not only perform well, but also feel comfortable and safe.

When an employer takes a team member’s physical and mental wellbeing into account, providing access to resources and services that promote a healthy and stable life, that stability translates into a foundation of wellness from which some amazing work can get done. 

Figure out what works for you, and what does not

Most of the time, developing a more attractive company culture is not rebuilding your organization from the ground up—it is taking the time to discover what makes your company culture stronger and what might be crippling your growth. 

Listen to your current team members—ask for their input and set reasonable goals to slowly implement those changes. Remember, any sustainable change takes time to implement. Adjustments will have to be made, and then adjustments to those adjustments. Every day is an opportunity to refine and define who you are to existing employees and incoming candidates.

Respond with positivity

Maintaining a competitive business is hard—no question. On our way to achieving goals, we will run into obstacles, have to deal with problems, and there will be a host of external and internal conflicting views. 

What matters is how we respond to all these. Maintaining a positive, professional outlook and company culture is really a matter of choice. We have all been in the situation where leadership responded to a negative with a negative, accomplishing nothing but alienating those people they were supposed to be leading and teaching to overcome these eventual obstacles. 

A positive approach—an optimism fueled by confidence in your team members and in your professional mission—not only is more likely to encourage employee engagement and contribution, it encourages positivity through example. 

What are we even doing here?

Never let that question enter the minds of your teams. 

Every underlying and expressly stated theme of your company culture should be evident in every action you take as an organization. Every culture, whether in business or out in the wider world, is defined by its mission or purpose. Creating substantial and inviting professional homes is all about clearly communicating the value of the work getting done and that every team member is vital to completing that mission. 

Consumer packaged goods is a rapidly evolving industry and those companies who wish to remain at the forefront of industry trends and stay competitive must develop company cultures that are positive and attractive to a changing workforce. 

Cameron Smith & Associates will work with you to build the teams that will help you reflect and accomplish your professional mission. 

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