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A CPG Talent Access Specialist

For nearly three decades, Cameron Smith & Associates has come to define what it means to be an effective CPG talent management provider, delivering talented professionals to CPG industry leaders across the country and throughout the world. Our CPG talent access professionals source the executive and C-suite candidates a competitive company requires to be efficient and adaptive in this fast-paced and changing industry.

Rooted in the CPG Community

As a dedicated CPG recruitment firm, we have worked within the major CPG hubs that have developed and are developing around the country, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bentonville and Seattle. These communities are home to the most prolific national retailers active in the market today. As a CPG recruiting firm focused solely on the CPG industry, we know the CPG space better than anyone, continuously gathering data on market trends and implementing comprehensive consumer packaged goods recruiting strategies based on that information.

Expanding Industry Presence

At Cameron Smith & Associates, almost thirty years as a niche-focused CPG recruitment firm has left us well equipped to find and place talent who meets the particular demands of any CPG position, within all the three major verticals—from grocery to pharmacy to mass retail. We continue to work with industry titans and form the relationships and the connections your company requires to find only the best leaders, assessed and selected to enhance your business and its culture.

Let Our CPG Executive Recruitment Expertise Serve You

As a CPG recruiter, we continue to focus solely on the CPG space, researching, staying informed and updated on real-time developments and keeping abreast of industry trends. We put our wealth of knowledge to work for our partner companies. We build industry-defining relationships by proving that we are the CPG recruitment firm capable of constant and repeatable success. Trust us to do more for you.