CPG Recruitment: 4 ways to take your company from survival to prosperity

The value of experienced and knowledgeable CPG recruitment has never been more evident or relevant than in 2020. Industry trends are forcing CPG decision-makers to shift focus from the traditional sources of leadership and talent to meet the demands of these emerging paradigms. Omnichannel marketing and digitization have resulted in more comprehensive customer experiences. Customization and personalization of products have been shown to increase customer retention and brand loyalty, along with the display of brand values in line with social causes and the transition to more environmentally friendly packaging. All these trends will make having immediate access to a diverse pipeline of talent an absolute imperative.

While many markets are bouncing back and experiencing positive regrowth, the current hiring market has been flooded with candidates. Many of these candidates are qualified, but having the requisite skills on paper and actually fitting your company’s vision and culture are two different levels of qualification.

The pressures of building and managing a company are trying when things are going well, but if the past year has taught us anything, it is that we should always expect the unexpected. Consumer packaged goods are no exception. Finding the talent to take your company from survival to prosperity is not a responsibility you should handle on your own. Cameron Smith & Associates is here to help. We all know the ramifications of a bad hire, as we all know how hiring the right person can not only make your company whole but elevate every other member of your team to push past their previous limits. 

The advantages of having the Cameron Smith & Associates recruiting team assisting in your CPG recruitment efforts are as follows:

Know the Nature of the Hiring Market

Today’s consumer packaged goods market is client-driven. As many businesses had to adapt to the rapid changes forced by the pandemic, many very talented individuals found themselves on the market looking for the next branch of their career path. This upset is temporary, however. Just like with any precious resource, the demand for talent will eventually outstrip the supply and we will again shift to a candidate-driven market. Whether your hiring obstacles are finding the needle in the haystack or finding the perfect needle in a pile of other needles, external recruiting benefits include having access to someone with an informed understanding of the employment market—making your searches for talent more dynamic and efficient.  

CPG recruitment is a benefit when your teams need to be lean and efficient and when economic recovery makes it possible and necessary to expand your staff. Cameron Smith & Associates has the resources and the experience, resulting in a practiced eye proficient in accessing which candidates stand out and will be true and lasting assets to your company.

Candidate Transparency

Internal recruiters and hiring managers are not always completely aware of how their company is perceived. Brand awareness is absolutely essential in knowing how to approach highly sought after talent. Even within a candidate-rich environment, the best candidates are still the best, and there will be competition for those potential employees who will help you specifically achieve your goals. Most candidates are unlikely to give transparent feedback on a company’s branding to a hiring manager bound to that company. It may be because they don’t want to hurt their chances during the hiring process or, like many of us, the candidate may have an aversion to negative criticism. Either way, an executive search partner is much more likely to get candid input on how potential leaders view a professional organization and thus can provide input on how to sure up those perceived shortcomings. 

We have worked within CPG, specializing in this industry and getting to know its people. Cameron Smith & Associates is a door into the professional CPG community—a guide and confidante capable of helping your company continuously hone its hiring process. 

A Bird’s Eye View

Most executive search firms search for and place talent within many different companies. Some firms specialize in a singular industry and many have branched out to provide hiring solutions across multiple spaces. When working within a specialization or from multiple desks, a recruiter’s business is to have an intimate knowledge of the companies they work with and their competitors, to know why some players are getting sought after hires and why some are not. That data and knowing how to apply it to adjustments in brand and hiring strategies makes them an invaluable resource in adapting to whatever climate may be prevalent and to anticipate trends before they become hiring obstacles. 

External recruiting benefits any business in any space by providing the perspective for timely course correction. We provide access to current and consistently updated industry voices, taking a consultative approach and granting your business the agility that comes with being an informed CPG recruitment expert.

What’s Trending?

Gaining leads, getting a candidate through the hiring process and making the offer is only half of the equation. Getting a potential contributor to accept and then stay is an entirely different matter. While the current market has made any exceptional position inherently more valuable, the availability of new positions and competition for innovative talent are bound to increase as the economy grows. Keeping your stand-out talent will require companies to increase and modify the benefits that employees are looking for in long term professional homes. 

Leaning on a recruiting firm beyond internal recruiting efforts can be a valuable data source, a way to view which benefits substantial and long-term hires see as attractive or influencing their long-term career goals. Working with a partner like Cameron Smith & Associates will allow your business to position itself ahead of developing industry standards and be seen as an innovative CPG industry leader. 

Professional and experienced recruiters benefit the CPG industry by providing extensive and genuine feedback, distilling what candidates want and what it will require to turn them into the driving force of your company’s future. At Cameron Smith & Associates, we pride ourselves on using every piece of information on behalf of our clients, maximizing productivity and ensuring future development through a meticulous and considerate search process. To learn more about how we can put our proven process to work for you, contact us today. 

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