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For nearly three decades, Cameron Smith & Associates has come to define what it means to be an effective CPG recruiter, delivering talented professionals to CPG industry leaders across the country and throughout the world. Our CPG talent access professionals source the executive and C-suite candidates companies at every level need to effectively and adaptively engage this fast-paced and evolving industry.

A Trusted Part of the CPG Community

As a dedicated CPG recruiting firm, we have worked within the major CPG hubs around the country, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bentonville, and Seattle. These cities and other developing hubs are home to the most influential retailers dominating the CPG space today. As a recruiting, consulting and industry expert that has become a proven and trusted source for leadership and talent within the CPG industry, we have dedicated ourselves to attaining the highest data-driven understanding of the CPG space—it’s functional roles and all verticals.

Your Source for Real CPG Industry Insights

Cameron Smith & Associates works exclusively within the consumer packaged goods arena. As a niche-focused CPG recruiting firm, our experts have come from and have worked within the industry. They have the experience necessary to locate, access, and place even the most specialized CPG roles within the three major verticals—grocery, pharmacy and mass retail. We assist organizations of all sizes—from startup to enterprise-level businesses—establishing long-term professional connections that will continue to yield results. The relationships we form today will allow your company to find the executive-level leadership who fits and enhances your company culture.

Let Our CPG Recruiting Firm Experience Serve You

We are CPG recruiters and we will continue to bring the industry we serve the highest level of data-driven, bespoke high-level hiring solutions, delivering only the most exceptional candidates to our client-partners, allowing them to fully capitalize on industry trends and evolutions. We go beyond what is expected because your continued success is our primary goal and first priority.