CPG Recruiter

A CPG recruiter will find outstanding CPG talent for your company

A CPG Leadership Provider

Cameron Smith & Associates has been one of the leading CPG recruiter firms for almost thirty years, developing and implementing personalized recruitment strategies for today's largest CPG companies. Our consumer packaged goods experts have developed an expansive network capable of sourcing executives and C-suite level candidates for every specialization—leaders every CPG company requires to stay competitive in a constantly changing space. 

Grounded in the CPG Community

Cameron Smith & Associates recruiters are training to work within the CPG industry. An experienced CPG recruiter is closely familiar with the country's major CPG hubs, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bentonville, and Seattle, home to some of today's most prominent national retailers on the market. We stay up-to-date on all major CPG market trends and any industry news that will affect the future of consumer packaged goods. A CPG recruiter stays highly informed and their knowledge helps our clients make the best hiring decisions. 

Expanding the Role of Industry

Almost three successful decades of a CPG niche focus has provided Cameron Smith & Associates with a process customized to meet the particular demands of CPG recruitment in all the three major verticals—from pharmacy to grocery to mass retail. Our CPG recruiters have worked with some of the most successful companies in the industry, forming a network of professional connections across the globe, granting us an unprecedented degree of access to stand-out leaders, vetted and placed to enhance and transform businesses and their cultures.

Our CPG Recruitment Expertise at Your Fingertips

A CPG recruiter focuses exclusively on the CPG space,  putting a wealth of knowledge to work for partner clients. Our industry-defining relationships prove Cameron Smith & Associates is aCPG recruiter and consultant capable of repeatable success. Rely on us to do more for you.