CPG Executive Search

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Focused on CPG executive search and talent management

For nearly three decades, Cameron Smith & Associates has come to define what it means to be an effective CPG executive search provider, delivering talented professionals to CPG industry leaders across the country and throughout the world. Our CPG talent access professionals source the executive and C-suite candidates a competitive company needs to effectively and adaptively engage this fast-paced and changing industry.

Positioned Within the CPG Community

As a dedicated CPG executive search firm, we work within the major CPG hubs around the country, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bentonville and Seattle. These cities and other developing hubs are home to the most influential retailers dominating the CPG space today. As recruiters and consultants that have become a proven and trusted source for leadership and talent within the CPG industry, we have dedicated ourselves to attaining the highest data-driven understanding of the CPG space—from its functional roles to all of its verticals.

Become a More Visible Part of the CPG Industry

Our CPG executive search specialists focus exclusively within the consumer packaged goods space, sourcing high-level crucial roles within grocery, pharmacy and mass retail. At Cameron Smith & Associates, we take every opportunity to establish those connections that will best serve our clients, locating, assessing, and placing those high-demand CPG professionals in companies of all sizes. We find the talent that enables your business to grow along the course you chose, finding those leaders who will not only enhance your organization’s productivity but also bolster its culture. 

Let Our CPG Executive Search Firm Experience Serve You

What makes our services valuable is our perspectives. We have almost 30 years of CPG executive search experience and it continues to be our sole focus. We’ve helped clients and candidates alike cope with economic shifts and changes in technology, helping them capitalize on pivotal industry trends. Our consumer packaged goods recruiters and consultants are an invaluable resource in an increasingly competitive space.