CPG Executive Search Specialists

CPG Executive Search Specialists. Driven by Experience, Tailored to Meet Your Hiring Needs

A Trusted Name in CPG Executive Search

For nearly three decades, Cameron Smith & Associates has been achieving bespoke hiring solutions for CPG entities of all sizes—from startups to some of the most established CPG companies across the country. We are not a generalist firm. Our CPG recruiters have developed the networks you need to find those executive-level and C-suite professionals—the high-level contributors and future industry leaders your business will need to claim larger market shares.

Grounded in the CPG Community

Cameron Smith & Associates recruiters are trained to work expressly within the CPG industry. Our experienced CPG executive search specialists are familiar with the country's major CPG hubs, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, Bentonville, and Seattle, home to some of today's most prominent national retailers on the market. We stay up-to-date on all major CPG market trends, ensuring all of your hiring strategies address both your current and future hiring needs. 

Servicing All CPG Verticals

Our niche focus has allowed Cameron Smith & Associates to develop a process designed to address the unique recruiting needs of all of the major CPG industry verticals—from pharmacy to grocery to mass retail. Cameron Smith & Associates’ advanced consumer packaged goods recruiters have successfully sourced hard-to-find talent for even the most difficult talent searches, facilitating lasting and productive connections throughout the world, granting a level of access few in this industry or our specialty can claim.

Our CPG Recruitment Expertise at Your Fingertips

We focus exclusively on the CPG space, putting a wealth of knowledge to work for our client partners. Our industry-defining relationships make Cameron Smith & Associates the CPG executive search specialists capable of consistent success. Rely on us to do more for you.