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Expanding Our Industry Presence

At Cameron Smith & Associates, for nearly 30 years we have placed leaders and talented supply chain professionals within all the three major verticals—from grocery to pharmacy to mass retail. Our team serves the hiring needs of the most influential organizations across those industries, putting us in the position to exponentially advance the careers of professionals who partner with us. Our process is designed and adapted to showcase the abilities, skills, and personality of every candidate we present, promoting not only their technical aptitudes but their potential cultural value as well.

Your Career Advocate

Granting unprecedented access to executive level and C-suite CPG talent is what we do. Our firm represents the largest names in the industry—companies we have established long-term relationships with, building trust and allowing our executive recruiters to place high performing candidates on incredibly rewarding career trajectories. We will be with you during every step of the hiring process, offering you the essential feedback you need to maximize your chances of success.

Take Advantage Of Our Consumer Goods Recruiting Services

Our consumer packaged goods headhunters focus solely on the CPG space, researching, staying informed and updated on real-time developments, and keeping abreast of all factors that affect the future of the industry. We put our wealth of knowledge to work, helping you chart a sustainable and evolving career path. We build industry-defining relationships by proving that we are the recruiters capable of taking your professional life to the next level with our consumer goods recruiting services. Trust us to do more for you.

Rooted in the CPG Community

We stay ahead of industry trends, do the research, and continue to grow our connections to Bentonville, Chicago, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Seattle, and other developing centers of packaged goods hubs across the country. Our deep rooted knowledge of these hubs, major CPG industry decision makers, and market perspectives allow our consumer packaged goods headhunters to reliably see what comes next and where careers can best grow.