5 tips for choosing the right recruitment agency for you

Choosing the right recruitment agency is an essential step in growing your business, staying competitive within your space, and attracting the talent you will need to develop a company culture as unique as your professional vision. 

However, not all recruiting firms are built the same and some are simply incapable of meeting your hiring needs in the way you need them to be met. 

Below, we provide a bit of guidance to find the recruitment agency that will line up with your current and future objectives.

Determine a compensation model that works with your budget

The two basic models for recruiting are contingency and retained. 

Simply put, contingency recruiters rely upon performance to get paid. If they don’t find a candidate and successfully place them, they receive no payment for the effort. Smaller companies and start-ups may generally consider this option because the financial risk is at a minimum. 

A retained recruitment model is generally utilized for the highest-level positions. A client sets a time frame in which they want the search successfully completed, the recruiter is given an upfront fee and operates closely with the company on an exclusive basis. While pricing models may vary and there is a risk the position will not be filled within the prescribed time limit, the ideal result is that a recruitment agency provides you with a shortlist of candidates that match your ideal requirements exactly. 

Find a recruitment agency who knows your industry

You know the ins and outs of your business and the industry you live in, but does the recruiter? Working with generalists can result in miscommunications due to a simple lack of understanding concerning the idiosyncrasies of your niche markets, the supply chain, or the specialized terminology deep within that culture see as nothing but normal. 

Working with a recruitment agency in those weeds just as much as you are is important and will result in more efficient searches and a more productive future partnership. Consulting industry-specific groups can give intelligence that can be beneficial when conducting your initial inquiries. 

Work with a firm that understands your geography

Most industries have geographical hubs—spaces, places and physical circulation points that determine and dominate the cultural landscape of those industries. It is vital that a recruitment agency’s network is developed enough to fully understand the resources the geography has to offer and to expertly utilize the populations of talented people present there.

Gather as much data as you can 

Do your research. Look for testimonials. Ensure that all the relevant certifications are up to date and in place. Ask to view data on their completion rates. Verify any references a recruitment agency may provide to determine their accuracy. Picking the right recruiter can potentially open numerous roads, providing access to talent and leadership capital you may never have known existed. And, if the firm is incompatible with your goals, culture, or industry, it could be a gigantic waste of time and resources. 

Conduct your own interview

Nothing replaces genuine human interaction. Determining if your primary contact and the recruitment firm can work closely and effectively together is really important—and sometimes the combination of certain personalities, drives, and priorities make that union distinctly incompatible. 

An interview is a simple way to secure initial impressions and ask the questions that are important to you and your business. This is the opportunity to ascertain how this recruitment agency conducts business, how they treat the clients and candidates they represent, and what core values their company culture embodies. This firm will be an extension of you, so make sure they are the representative you want and need.

Cameron Smith & Associates wants your organization to work with a firm that knows your industry and reflects your values. We provide unprecedented access to some of today’s most sought-after consumer goods talent. Start a conversation and we can help your business find the professionals it needs to grow.

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