CPG Branding: Defining your company brand for 2021

CPG branding and service offerings have been affected by a variety of outside factors in 2020. Moving into 2021, CPG companies must look for a more diverse set of talented individuals to fill roles that will become necessary for expanded marketing capabilities, PR and service offerings.

App driven data and delivery options

CPG branding beyond the brick-and-mortar has been accelerated in the face of a global pandemic—the general populace, across the planet, are less willing to take chances while shopping for CPG products, in regards to their health and the health of their friends and family.  

Companies like Amazon and Walmart are being forced to adapt to the increased demands of a population buying CPG products online at an ever accelerating rate. The development of delivery application software must become a priority for any CPG company that wants market share within the delivery-based space.  

CPG branding is about more than changing the image of a company—it is about showing that a company can adapt and excel within a changing space, proving that they can deliver quality CPG goods and services in any market. Working with CPG recruiters, experts whose job it is to stay ahead of market trends and provide the talent and leadership for tomorrow’s great leaps forward can greatly enhance your company’s agility when dealing with emerging technologies. 

Like and subscribe

In 2019, e-subscription sales of CPG products skyrocketed. Already in 2018, meal prep and delivery service HelloFresh Group achieved sales of more than one billion dollars

Automation has drastically affected every element of the CPG industry and CPG branding must present companies adaptable enough and advanced enough to use the available tech and bring CPG consumers the products they want how they want them. 

Current circumstances have made the singular, physical location seem less desirable. Building brands around remote capabilities and situational agility is no longer optional when considering the future of your business. Subscription services are convenient, provide opportunities for personalized packaging and services and, most importantly, put CPG companies in the homes of consumers every month, if not multiple times during the subscription period. 

Subscription service offerings provide the rare opportunity for a company to occupy a staple position in the everyday lives of the consumer who is leaving their home to make purchases less and less often. Finding those leaders and talented professionals capable of using automation and online marketing technology to its full potential will not only allow a business to occupy a stable space in the public and in the home, it will also ultimately improve CPG branding through consistently superior service.  

A more sophisticated audience 

CPG branding can get a massive boon from a capable marketing team. Audiences are paying attention to your company messaging, and it has become of vital importance that what a company says matches up with its presence and actions within that industry’s public space. 

The NYU Center for Sustainable Business showed that between 2013 and 2018, more than 50 percent of CPG industry expansion came from the use of sustainable products. Coupled with perceptions of a growing younger customer base, very much aware of the environmental and ecological implications of packaging waste, the usage and promoted usage of sustainable products has become a larger part of brand awareness.

Working with a CPG recruiter experienced in finding those marketing and PR professionals capable of communicating values attractive to a savvy consumer base will not only boost industry exposure but will also establish relatability with that consumer base. 

At Cameron Smith & Associates, we are always looking ahead, always looking for the future leaders and innovators within the CPG industry. We can help your business find its place in growing and ever-evolving economic landscapes.

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